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r  e  a  l  i  z  i  n  g    h  e  a  l  t  h™

c o u n s e l l i n g

"Now I am more aware of myself
and this has really turned around my thoughts and feelings
as a start to a new future ahead of me!" -client

H  e  a  r  t  - C  e  n  t  e  r  e d     C  o  u  n  s  e  l  l  i  n  g
provides you with a safe supportive non-judgemental environment while you explore the inner landscape of your being.

My personal journey has renewed me with clarity of vision in connection with what is real and alive. My fondness for all
living things encourages that I ever evolve to better help in the discovery that love is our natural inheritance.
With the trust of an inner guidance that embraces us both, we are led into healing.
A guidance always present yet often ignored. Always ready to assist yet not always embraced.

Our time together is supported in a base of spiritual principles from A Course in Miracles, together with teachings from other paths,
deepened through rich life experiences that offer inner peace, healing and wisdom.

Throughout life we can acquire hurts through unfavourable experiences which foster guilt. Without realizing it
we live life by fear leading our way. Feelings such as worthlessness, anger, frustration, unhappiness, hence obscures our inner light.

I invite you on a healing journey to your true self which is always present, ready for you to reclaim.
Your true self is the core of your being.
Come join me where together we will create a healing context for you to discover and re-connect
to your life source.
Through the process your inner judgements, and obstructions i.e. limiting
beliefs and misinterpretations, are released into right perception.
Discover that what is ever present and ready for you is your rich, vibrant inner support system.

My approach combines awareness and sensitivity,
spiritual principles together with
traditional and energy medicine/therapies.

Some reasons to seek Heart-Centered Counselling

making challenging decisions
change of career
working through a life crisis
searching for answers to illness
seeking to heal
coping with loss
feeling lost and alone
the world seems foreign, it is a challenge to fit in
homesick and don't know where that home is
anxious, unable to relax
feeling stuck in your body; feeling stuck in your life
to improve communication skills
searching to change your life
suicidal thoughts
trauma release
seeking to release from negative emotions
supportive safe place to explore issues
find and change limiting beliefs

Deborah offers Heart-Centered Counselling in person, and by phone.

by appointment:  

phone:  519.379.7185
email:   Realizing Health
Please leave a voice message with your phone number, or email, for return call or email.

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